3’30” Percussive Sung Songs

What will happen when we challenge contemporary composers to write a piece of 3’30” of duration, as if it was a pop song? What if the setup is as unusual as a singer/songwriter and a contemporary percussion player? Nuno Aroso invites Rita Redshoes to form an unlikely duo for this new project.

Both with remarkable paths in their areas of musical expression, converge in mutual admiration and in the incessant desire to challenge themselves as artists. Relevant Portuguese composers and composers from other parts of the world dive into 3’30” – Percussive Sung Songs, giving rise to new sounds, words and gestures, within the unique pulse that is the time of a song.

“Espremendo a Laranja”, for voice, kalimba, congas, juicer and electronics was premiered in 14th of December 2012

© 2012 Marta Catana © 2012 Filipe Ferreira