Captura de Ecrã (190)

“Uma curva francesa decide atravessar o Alentejo às escuras” is a work that resulted on a collaboration between the writer João Gesta, the artist Cristina Ataíde and myself for the XXI INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CERVEIRA ART, under Fátima Lambert’s curatorial project “From home to a World…”. The main goal was to create a chain of works with connection between them, starting with a text, then a painting/art work and finally a music composition, under this difficult circumstance that we are living now – COVID-19.
The stereo composition “A French curve decides to cross the Alentejo in the dark” was inspired by the flat and curved planes of Cristina Ataíde work, its color contrast and João Gesta’s text. Recognizable sounds are featured in this miniature, though without context we may be wondering through the composition without knowing where it is from.
Moreover, I interpreted “crossing the Alentejo in the dark” as a metaphor for a reality of misinformation/fake news that we are daily experiencing.

To listen: Uma curva francesa decide atravessar o Alentejo às escuras