21 KHz


Duo 21KHz is Angela da Ponte and Dimitris Andrikopoulos. The project was born from the common interest of the two composers/ performers in exploring and experimenting the expressive potential of concrete sounds and their manipulation with various media.
The duo’s first appearance was at the 9th edition of the IRI 2012, Documentary Photography and Cinema, where the main subject was the Crisis. In this particular project the duo used, as a narrative, movies from the early 20th century to represent a society that is not far from ours.

Açoriano Oriental

Interview to Açoriano Oriental, Dec 2013. (Interview in Portuguese)

Eurydice Post Orpheus

Based on the Greek mythology “Eurydice and Orpheus”, we look again for a passionate love narrative that survives death itself, acquiring an eternal state. A woman – beyond life and death – gains an exceptional license to visit, for the last time, her beloved one.
However, and still loving very passionately, she chooses not to do so, preferring rather to keep her love memories, instead following the man she loves. From a dark place where she currently lives, she tells her story to a mysterious President, and narrates an eco of a subtle, but also, ruthless passion containing all greatness and pettiness of life and death.

Musical Composition – Ângela da Ponte & Dimitris Andrikopoulos
Choreography – Cláudia Marisa
Interpretation – Cláudia Marisa, Carlos da Silva, Ângela da Ponte and Dimitris Andrikopoulos

Its first premiere was on the 30th of November, 2013 at CCC Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

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