Liikettä, 2022, commission from FLUTUA, Flute orchestra from University of Aveiro

Interactions, 2021, joined commission from Ensemble New Babylon & Vertixe Sonora | listen

Untitled#2, 2021 commission from Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble | listen to live concert radio transmission (from 1:20:30)

State of(f) Emergencies, 2019 commission from Casa da Música | listen

Ao Desconcerto do Mundo, 2014 commission from Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble, published by MIC.pt

Ao Desconcerto do Mundo Live streaming concert | Arts National Plan with the Ministry of Education (dialogues in Portuguese)

Cinq étapes sur une ligne I, 2014 written for the Hermes Ensemble | listen

Kras en Momentum, 2011 commissioned by Casa da Música | listen