“On the second night I sat close to the central ‘sweet spot’ of the surround sound system, and it made a huge difference to the convincingness of the effect. The brief, rapid succession of bell chimes with which Ângela Da Ponte opened her performance was extraordinarily effective in creating an acoustic and imaginative illusion of mediæval religious architecture; the variety of sounds, both ‘indigenous’ (chants, chimes) and ‘extraneous’ (electronic tones and pulses), with which composer then filled this space all seemed like they belonged there.” Nathan Davies, Fluid Radio

Holding a PhD by the University of Birmingham (UK), Ângela is a composer and teacher currently living in Porto (Portugal). In 2011, she was appointed as the Young Composer in Residence 2011 at Casa da Música (Oporto), writing for Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto and Remix Ensemble.

Her music has been regularly performed in Portugal by Remix Ensemble, Sond-Ar’te Electric Ensemble, among others, as well internationally with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre, UK), Orchestre National d’Île de France, in Mexico (Festival Visiones Sonoras 2016), Poland (Audiokineza), Colombia (BLAST), U.S.A with the Oregon Symphony, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Spain) and Ensemble New Babylon (Germany).

January of 2021